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Friday, May 05, 2006

Gluttony –What’s feeding You

Gluttony –What’s feeding You
April 9th
Proverbs 23:15-21

If I were to say the word glutton, what would come to your mind? Perhaps someone sitting there with a plate piled high with food. Maybe someone so huge it blew your mind. Maybe someone at a picnic or church social that was taking all the food, leaving none for any one else? Those are all good images of a glutton.

Perhaps you know someone who is a glutton. The thing about this sin gluttony is it just not about food or being fat. It is much more than that. It is the sin of excessiveness. And yet it is more than self indulgence, it may also be a way of being blind to the needs of others in the world. This is no better shown in the bible than in the story of Lazarus and the Rich man in Luke 16 beginning with verse 19. Here is a man who has it all, even good wonderful meals, he could have shared just the crumbs off his table, but he did not, he ignored the Lazarus’ plight. So when we say it is a sin of excessiveness it is excessiveness to exclusion of others. The glutton gets into his own little world, puts blinders on, thinks only of himself, and does not think of the needs of others. That puts new light on this sin, doesn’t it.

So that when we think of that, it can be more than food that we are over consuming, it can petroleum and natural resources, or noise, TV, computers, hi tech items, cell phones, cars, addictions, bulimia, alcoholism, the life of the gourmand, think about what people are known for consuming, their little collections.

But it is not just the excessive consumption that makes it a sin, it’s the excessive attentiveness to whatever one is into. There are over one million cook books being produced, and diet books being produced, But other interests also have their books as well. There are magazines for the different interests. And now there are tv shows as well, but not just tv shows, there is the food channel, the out door channel, the travel channel, the mtvs and other music channels, Discovery channel have become dedicated to motorcycle makeovers, car makeovers, truck makeovers, the house channel, fitness channel, the golf network, all the sports channels, QVC and other shows that sell the list could go on and is being added to everyday as they figure out what sells to what markets.
So, gluttony includes time spent thinking about, reading about, dreaming about the item.


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