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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Sunday's Lectionary, Aug 24

Lectionary Discussion for upcoming Sunday

Matthew 16:13-20

Jesus asks the disciples what's the word on the street about him, and then puts it even closer to home, who do you say I am. Simon Peter gets it right, and Jesus blesses him with a new name, the rock, by saying that upon him will the church be built.

The Gospel of Matthew was written shortly after the failed Jewish revolt against Rome. In the wake of the destruction of the Temple and devastation of Jerusalem, God's promises to Israel were at stake.

Do members of your church know what the word is on the street about Jesus? About the church? About your church? Who do we say Jesus is? Who holds the keys of the church now? And what does that mean? How are we to use these keys? Are we still to be silent about Jesus being the Messiah?

Why Peter? Why not one of the other disciples? Why us?

Exodus 1:8-2:10
"Powerful God-Courageous Women" The welcome mat is no longer there in Egypt for the Israelites. Here is the story of Moses' beginnings. This story proves that even Moses was a basket case, (Just a joke.) But I think what is so powerful in this story is the story of the women, Shiphrah and Puah, his mom, and his older sister involved in keeping Moses alive and safe and giving him a new beginning. This all happens under a repressive regime and one that wants all the Hebrew male children killed. This is good justice material. "It's God's compassion, God's faithfulness, God's tender care that are extended by the compassion, faithfulness and care of the courageous women, including, mysteriously, the pagan princess." taken from Weekly Seeds written by Katey Huey. Would we be so courageous? How do we seek justice in today's world for those who are treated injustly? How would you present this story to your members? What is it that they need to hear?

Romans 12:1-8,
We are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, pure and clean according to Paul. We are to have our minds renewed, transformed. The body of Christ has many parts, many gifts, What does it look like today to present our bodies as living sacrifices, when we don't do any formal sacrifices anymore? What would it look like if we really were the body Christ as Paul describes it? I like what Paul says, God has been kind to me? Do we recognize how kind God is to us?

Psalm 124
This Psalm declares the protection and help from God in a time of crisis and threat.

So now its your turn, join in the discussion and let us know what you think and where you are headed for Sunday.



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I have to remember to come over here during the week, like on see what your thoughts are....

also, thanks for filling in for me on the Sunday prayer...

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