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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pride Part 2 of the 7 Deadly sins

So just what is so bad about pride?
Hebrew Scripture answers that question. It says that Sin and Pride are very close together. Sin – in both the Hebrew and the Greek – comes from a root which literally means "to miss the target" – God’s target. It implies an almost physical failing. We cannot hit God’s target because, as imperfect human beings, we are unable to clearly see it. We cannot clearly see it because we have disconnected ourselves from God’s eyes. Pride is described in similarly physical terms. It comes from a term which literally means "to be swollen." In other words, Pride – like Sin – is also a failure of sight – a failure of sight which makes us see ourselves in a distorted way: as bigger than we are – more important, more deserving.

What is Pride? Besides the obvious, I have used the word Pride to make an acronym and used each letter as a jumping off point to define, describe pride. Perhaps you will think of your own words as we go along too.

P pride, proud, pretentious,
Points to others and say they are prideful, not us It leads to prejudice toward people.npreoccupation with self priorities are messed up and focused on the wrong thing. Praises themselves. Self Preoccupation
R The Reservoir of All Sin, ridicule of others, need restoration, robs us, robs our relationships, robs our churches rageful, resentful when others are recognized or complimented. Can’t rejoice with other’s success. rusts selfRighteous totally self-Reliant
I “I”, it is illusive, and illusion, insidious, about our image, not God’s image, our investment in looking right, its impressive but it is only an impression. It is an “I”-sight problem not an eyesight vision problem. Impatience with others sign up insecurity.
“Look how wonderful I am.” Inflated sense of self importance.

D devil, devious, deceiving, determined to get our way, deceptive, depends on what others think of us, is actually self defeating. Performance, posturing ourselves devastating deadly destructive, determined to be in control,
The Donald. We think we are deserving and we are not. Demanding causes delusions in the mind looks down on ohers. Disagreeable unless it is something wonderful about them the person.

E ego, evil, get even with others. Error in judgment of who we really are thinking we are better then we are. We come to God empty handed, because we are empty inside. It entangles us. Esteem ourselves better than we are.
Erodes relationships it is the wall we have erected between Jesus and us.
Excessive love of oneself


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