Preaching to the Choir

These are some sermons, but mostly lectionary discussions. It also has prayers for some Sundays.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Wow I didn't realize it had been so long since I had put a sermon on here. I had meant to be regular with posting, but obviously I have not.

But given the date of the last post, I can see why. I had a month to get ready to move from my previous church I was appointed to, to the one I am now serving, St. John UMC. I have now been here for three weeks, three Sundays, and this next will be my 4th. So you can guess where I have been spending my time.

I have found it interesting developing sermons for a new group of people in a different setting. This has been a challenge to me, which has then made me spend more time praying and reading God's word. I thought I might go ahead and upload the three I have done here and then somewhere get the rest of the old ones in here at some point.

Right now I am preaching out of the lectionary mainly from Mark. But when we get to Ephesians, I plan to do a series on Ephesians. Any ideas or thoughts that are helpful on Ephesians let me know.

And thanks for your patience.