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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prayer for Easter 4B

During this Easter Season we celebrate that not only did your lay down your life for us,
but that you rose from the dead.
And it is in rising from the dead that so much was changed.
act of kindness are shown by your children to people who need human touch.
We are able to show love to others in practice and deed.
We celebrate this resurrection power that is all because of you.

A year ago tornados ripped through the lives and communities of Alabama,
Leaving in its swath a path of death and destruction.
Lord those people are still rebuilding, still healing and many are still traumatized.
Help us as the community of faith to not forget them,
to continue to reach out to help them rebuild and renew their lives.

But Lord Alabama has not been the only area hit with damaging power of nature :
there have been major disasters everywhere.
A kids soccer ball showing up on the west coast of America
reminds us that there is still lots to be done in Japan,
And it reminds us of other countries who are still recovering
and that it is taking a long time due to lack of resources.

Lord these people need our prayers, our help and our care.
Lord, these people need a Shepherd, a good shepherd.
They need one that knows them, loves  them,
 cares about them, comforts them and has compassion for them.

Truth be known we all need you as our good Shepard.
Will you be our good Shepard?


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prayer for Easter 3B/Earth Day

Oh God,
We come celebrating your love that you have for us your children of God.
And because we are your children we know that when we pray you answer us.
We know that we can bring our needs, our troubles, our questions,
our lives, our world, our hopes and our dreams to you.
We know and believe that you listen and you care.

Creator God,
We do pray for our world that we live in
this wonderful planet you created for us to live on. 
We pray for its wellbeing because you made it and called it good.
And we pray that we do our parts as stewards to take of earth.
We are so grateful for this earth, our home.

Loving God,
We pray for those in our midst who need our prayers for their lives,
 their struggles, their healing, and their restoration.
We pray for those in our communities who are without jobs, without homes, without food, without family, without food, without means and resources and without hope.
We pray for those in our world who are living in extreme poverty, violence, abuse, slavery, and cruelty.

Faithful God,
We thank you for the resurrection of you son,
we live into the hope of the resurrection.
May your resurrection shine light in our lives.
Make your presence known to us as you did to the disciples.
Open our minds also that we may understand what you have to teach us.
And how we are to live and be.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prayer for Easter 2B

Resurrection God,
You are the light and you sent your son to shine your light in the darkness of this world.
Lord you know the places and times in our lives that have darkness in us.
You know the dark places and times in this world.
Lord shine your light into the darkness that we may be able to see our way again.

Resurrection God,
We marvel at the Early Church’s unity;
How they loved one another as you loved them,
How they saw to each other’s needs;
And how they cared for each other.
Lord would that we would be like that in our churches.
Empower us with Resurrection Power to be able to be that way.
Breathe your Holy Spirit on us that we too would be of one mind and heart.
Give us the peace you gave the disciples.

Resurrection God,
We admit that we are like Thomas we have our own doubts
And we too want to see and touch you.
We too have more questions than answers
And yet we want to believe.
Pour your blessing on us who have not seen and yet have come to believe.
Let your grace fall upon us all.

Doubting Thomas by Jonathan Hilson


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Prayer for Easter Sunday B

On this glorious Easter morn,
We praise your name and thank you for your faithfulness.
We marvel once again at the wonder of the resurrection
Of Jesus like kids finding hidden Easter eggs.
We are just as surprised as the women who came to the tomb that day.

We ask that this resurrection wipe away the tears from our eyes;
Bring hope to the hopeless,
Open the eyes of the blind,
Set the prisoners free and
Bring healing and wholeness to those who need it.

Lord we ask that this resurrection bring a revolution of justice.
May the hungry be fed,
The outcast be welcomed,
The downtrodden lifted up,
And those who are in poverty may been enriched.

Lord we ask that this resurrection bring renewal of our lives,
Restore our broken relationships,
Deepen our relationship with you,
Deepen our relationship with one another,
And empower us to bring the good news of your resurrection to others.

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