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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thought for Wednesday

The true test of happiness is gratitude.-Gilbert K. Chesterton [adapted]

Scripture for the day: Jeremiah 33:11 The sounds of joy and laughter. The joyful voices of bridegrooms and brides will be heard again, along with the joyous songs of people bringing thanksgiving offerings to the LORD. They will sing, `Give thanks to the LORD Almighty, for the LORD is good. His faithful love endures forever!' For I will restore the prosperity of this land to what it was in the past, says the LORD.

Prayer for the day: Generous God, God who is love whose love does endure forever, we give you thanks. We give you thanks for restoring us, for reconciling us to you, for renewing us, refreshing us, and form more. Lord develop in us an attitude of gratitude, it is a sign of health, and wholeness. It is a sign of our spiritual nature, and our being made more like you. May we have sounds of joy and laughter, voices of joy, and singing to you. May we bring you a thanksgiving offering. Lord sometimes it is hard to be grateful when we are going through hard times, when circumstances around us seem unpleasant, when there is illness or down times. God it is easier to let those things around us drag us down, and they often do. Help us int hose times to focus on you to find our joy in your enduring love. Help us to remember to be in our community of faith, and to rely on their support to be uplifted to once again sing songs of thanks and praise to you. Thanks God.

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