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Friday, March 14, 2008

Palm Sunday

Have you been thinking about what this Sunday means to you?
I don't have memories of Palm Sunday from child hood, we didn't celebrate it. I remember Easter Egg hunts and Easter Sunday. How about you? Did you grow up in a church that celebrated Palm Sunday? What do you remember?

This Sunday we celebrate Jesus entry into Jerusalem. We read the scriptures of this event, of him riding in on a donkey, of the crowds laying their cloaks and palm branches down before him as he rides in. It was a high time. I wonder what Jesus thought as he rode in that day? I wonder what he was saying to Jesus? A donkey? Come on Jesus at least give me a fine stallion or horse. If I got to do this thing can't I go in a rolls royce or something bigger. Can't I be surrounded by some beautiful women? You know where this leads God. These very crowds are going to turn on me and want me crucified, they'll forget they welcomed me and say hosannas to me. This is not going to be fun. Please God I don't want to go.

I include here for your viewing and hearing pleasure, the song "All Glory, Laud and Honor.


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